Control Live®: Robotic chair convertible into a bed
Control Live

Control Live®: Robotic chair convertible into a bed

Control Live

Meet the new live control articulated hospital bed. Control Live is a company with a clear purpose and a defined mission: to improve the quality of life of people who face mobility limitations and those who care for them.

They achieve this through innovative solutions, products and services that optimize efficiency and excellence in the provision of services both in healthcare centers and in homes. Their philosophy focuses on customer experience as the key to their success.

They have structured their processes based on principles such as design thinking, "agile organization", lean management and total quality, placing special emphasis on the centrality of the user and the client.

They deeply value the appreciation and emotional experience of those who use their products and services, ensuring that their satisfaction is the cornerstone of everything they do.

At Control Live, they have an exceptional team, made up of highly committed and experienced individuals. They are a multidisciplinary team that works collaboratively and are completely identified with the purpose of the project, the mission, vision and values ​​of Control Live. They are driven by passion and dedication to make a real difference to the lives of people with reduced mobility and their carers.

Control Live®: Robotic chair convertible into a bed


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